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Windows Phone 8 and roaming - offline


Windows Phone 8 and roaming - offline

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Hello everyone, I have just recently switched my mobile subscription to a company that is an MVNO (mobile operator without their own network) so I am roaming in on another network.


After I made this switch, I am unable to connect to Spotify through my Spotify subscription unless I am connected via Wifi. When I am outside, I can't connect through Spotify and can't listen to anything except what I have made available offline in the app.


I have tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it but nothing happens. I can't even log into the app unless I am conenct via Wifi.


The device I am using is Nokia Lumia 1020, running on Windows Phone 8, Amber-update.


Everything was working right before I made the switch in my mobile subscription. Any ideas, thoughts or help would be greatly apprecitated!

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Re: Windows Phone 8 and roaming - offline

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I have opened this as a bug with the Spotify team here on the community for further investigation. 

If you could add your details to the bugs topic that would be greatly appreciated!


I am going to lock this topic so we can keep all reports going to the same place.

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