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Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees


Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees

Considering the embarrassment that is the windows phone app, I feel it to be fair that Spotify discounts our monthly rate as well as refunding the difference of that discounted rate all the way back to February when it launched.

Anyone using on windows phone is getting a second or even third tier experience. Limited functionality and plentiful bugs that render the app nearly useless at times.

I want to make clear that I absolutely enjoy Spotify. Its an amazing service. Best in class even. But not in its current state on windows phone (and windows 8.1 RT for that matter), its worth no more than any other music service and arguably much leas considering the amount of bugs.

Its @spotifycares right? Prove it.
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Re: Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees

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You can only request refunds from this form. Also, were you able to get a 30 day trail to test out the service on your current hardware before subscribing?  I am sorry for the issues you are having :( Also, here is thread about reporting bugs for the windows phone app.

Hope this helped :)

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Re: Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees

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No one makes you pay for Spotify.

If you aren't happy with the Windows Phone app, move to another service that is my advice.



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Re: Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees

Yeah so you missed my last bit within my post. I truly don't want to move. I'm invested in spotify. I just would like them to devote just a wee bit of time to at the very least, make some bug fixes.

Re: Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees

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I am really sorry to hear such a comment from an experienced user frankly speaking,

what does this mean ? "if you're not happy, move to another service!" ????


I am sorry but instead of suggesting this kind of ideas, it would be better to ask spotify to build a better windows phone app, don't you think?



Re: Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees


I've moved away from Spotify to XBox Music due to a variety of issues on the WP8 app and the fact that for some reason I cannot install the latest version of Spotify as it is not available in Canada (this confuses me).


There are a few things I am missing out on with XBox Music, but frankly you get over it. I especially like that there is a far larger selection of music on XBox and higher quality bitrate. No longer have to deal with those pesky offline listening and bluetooth issues Spotify had.


Was a tough move, like you I was invested into Spotify.  Been using it for years and had a lot of great things to say about it. I know plenty of people who followed me to XBox music from Spotify. Even Spotify's support didn't seem to care with answers that essentially told me "tough luck".


Re: Windows Phone Users - Refund of Service Fees


Well I must say having moved to a company windows phone 8 which I just love from my old Xperia S I was so dissapointed to find that loads of Spotify features were just missing!!! I had a load of music in my playlists from my laptop and that can't auto sync like on my Android :(


Your support looks pretty poor and you seem to prioritise the minority (iOS) over Windows Phone 8 which is catching up to it very quickly!! guess what I did this afternoon... cancelled Spotify and moved to Xbox Music! £1 cost saving and the service actually works correctly with the phone unlike yours!!


I will come back if WP8 is treated like a first class citizen, we don't even have our own support forum it is just under "other" what a joke!!