Wont play or download songs


Wont play or download songs

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Samsung SM-J737VPP

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iOS 9


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I was trying to find an album from a certain artist and I couldn't locate it even though I type the album name in the search criteria. I then googled the album and the artist and it popped right up with it giving me the option to either listen to it on utube or listen to it in the spotify app.  I choose the latter and the entire album all of a sudden showed up in spotify even though I tried multiple times searching for it in the spotify app by artist and by album name 5 mins prior. So now I have the entire album on my screen and all the songs are showing up unplayable and it wont let me download any of the songs. I've played with and checked all my settings and still cant get the songs to play.  It's as if Spotify was keeping this album from even being seen and strictened from the search criteria. I dont understand why it wouldnt show up when I searched for it in the spotify app. I'll click on one of the songs and a box will flash really quick as if it's starting to download but it never does. This is the first time that I havent been able to play a song on the app and I'm not sure if it has something to do with the album being hidden from view when searched.


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Re: Wont play or download songs

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Also it's just songs from that one album. Everything else works and plays just fine.