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Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative

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Re: Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative


Did anyone else with spotify premium get their Top songs of 2018 playlist and it was completly wrong with songs you know were not top played and some were not even saved and have never been saved ? ? ? I'm not sure how they managed to mess it up so bad 

Re: Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative


Same here. Comlpetely off. Had a song on my top 100 that I let my brother listen to ONCE in the car. 16 and 17 were great what happened?!!?


Re: Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative

Gig Goer
But is your playlist ok?
I mean, mine is perfectly fine and the tunes that appear on my top 5 are not even in my playlist...
This thing is absurd
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Re: Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative


Same problem here. 


I don't share my account with anyone, don't leave Spotify on in the background and no one would play these songs at parties. A lot of them are tracks I've listened to a handful of times (or less)  and most of the ones I've had on heavy rotation are absent. 


Please sort it out, I still listen to my best ofs from 2017 and '16 and I don't really want to listen to this one. 

Re: Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative


I’m having a similar problem. 


My top 5 artists seem strange but could be right. 


My top 3 songs again seem strange but could be right. My 4th and 5th songs I’ve never heard of. 


On my top 100 playlist I recognise only a couple of songs, none are saved songs. 98% I do not recognise and have never knowingly played.


I’m a very active user of Spotify and whilst I may occasionally use my phone for party music or leave it running, this is minimal compared to normal usage (and when I do this it’s normally my own playlists anyway).  


This issue concerns me, is it a mix up by Spotify or is my account being used by someone else? The only devices registered are my own and I do not share access with anyone. Rest of Spotify seems normal apart from Wrapped and the top 100 playlist. 

Re: Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative


Exact same problem here. The very first song on my playlist was a Taylor Swift song that I know for darn sure I never listened to. I can actually prove it, because I also downloaded by listening history data dump and this song doesn't appear even once.