Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative


Wrapped 2018 playlist not representative







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Hello Spotify,


I just went through my 2018 Wrapped overview, however I am pretty dissatisfied with the "most listened songs"-playlist. Here's an overview of my situation:

It states I've listened to Spotify for a total of 19,443 minutes (324 hours) and that I listened to my favorite band (The National) for 202 hours. Now this I was expecting, since I barely listen anything else but them, looping through most of their albums most of the time. The "most listened songs" - playlist however features an awful lot of music I'm pretty sure I only listened a very few times in the past year and barely any The National songs. Also, the top songs mentioned on the Wrapped website (which I expected) were not to be found in that order in the playlist.

Did something go wrong in the algorithm, or does the algorithm prefer a variety of artists rather than the actual "most listened songs"? Is there any way to get an actual "most listened songs" playlist?


Thanks in advance,

Bram, a huge Spotify enthousiast!

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Hey Bram, 


I'm having the exact same issue. I was a huge fan of this feature last year and the year before, with both my top songs of 2017 and 2016 playlists seeming pretty accurate. I was really looking forward to seeing what my 2018 playlist would look like but when I opened it this morning I was very disappointed. 


I recognise most of the artists, but in a lot of cases the songs in the playlist are ones I do not know. In other cases, bands that I know I only listened to once or twice have somehow made it into my top songs of the year. It's very strange and something seems off about the whole playlist. Not much of what I expected to be there (songs from the playlists I've been listening to the most this year) made it into the playlist. 


It's really disapointing. The Wrapped feature was something I was really looking forward to and something I thoroughly enjoyed last year. Hopefully we're not the only disastified customers and Spotify can do something about it! 





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Same exact problem here! The right songs appear in the top 5 list, but none of them are in the playlist. Moreover, I barely know the songs included in that playlist 😕

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I am additionally having this problem. My top artists and songs seem somewhat accurate in the snapshot but the actually top 100 playlist does not even have these songs and consists of mostly songs I've  haven't even heard of or have only listened to one or two times

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Casual Listener

Same problem here.

My wrapped playlist is mostly accurate, but I am missing some songs I know I listened to a lot.



I think the algorithm does prefer variety, the songs that didn't make the list are from artists I listened to a lot this year. And the songs that did make the list are from artists that I didn't listen to that much this year.

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Gig Goer

Mine is neither accurate on top songs nor on most listened. 

I mostly have songs and Artist that I do not know! 


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Hey! I'm having the exact same problem! I totally hate it because I love the Top of the Year playlists, I'm that kind of obsessive being. It's usually pretty accurate but this year is totally insulting. I mean, there are artists that I listen to EVERY day, but in the Top 2018 list appear songs that I heard once, send to me by other people, music that really has no relevance for me or I really dislike. I am very sad and dissapointed and really hope they can fix this before the year ends.

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Having exactly the same issue - while I recognise most of the songs, I know I've barely listened to them.


In a weird way, it looks like my least played songs on 2018. Not to mention none of my 2018 Wrapped top songs were included.


I realise it's probably not the most pressing issue for Spotify, but my 2017 top played was one of my favourite playlists for a long time. I love this feature and I'm very disheartened by this.


EDIT: Spotify's response to me reaching out about this was "This can happen for a number of reasons, but we’ll pass your feedback on for future campaigns." - big help folks.


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+1. I've never even heard of some of the artists (probably were in discover weekly - which i don't play on repeat). They also said my favorite artist I played for 3 hours. I do like that band, a lot, but barely played them this year in comparison to some individual songs i listened to for more than 3 hours cumulative over the year. Please fix. Very disappointed!

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I'm having the exact same issue. None of my Top 5 songs are in the Top 100 playlist? Seems like the playlists weren't properly made. Huge bummer given that I always loved having this playlist to look back at the year.