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Wrong Artists


Wrong Artists


Dear Team,


I'm not too sure if this is the right forum to place this hint, but...

you still have a "new" album fom 2014 of on the bibliography of the british electro-band "The Prodigy".

Actrually this is a rather old publish of the rap artists "Prodigy" which 1st is american not british and 2nd everythig but electro.

For the sake of both groups, would you please move this to the correct one?


Yours, MK

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Re: Wrong Artists

Community Legend

Hey there,

I've moved your post from the ideas exchange to the right board (Help -> Other). Please only use the ideas section to submit new ideas, as stated in our idea submission guidelines.


You can report incorrect meta data here:

Re: Wrong Artists

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The community team can split artist pages if they have been merged if you drop a post over on this topic too:

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