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Hi all,


I sometimes use Spotify on my Xbox and ever since the Xbox One Update on Dec 13th, 2018 I've been getting weird bugs.


1: This isn't the worst bug in the world, but it's slightly annoying. This only happens on songs that have the Spotify Behind The Lyrics Genius treatment, but the info blurbs stop at ~30 seconds... and then repeat the first 30 seconds over and over until the song ends. To be clear, the song plays normally and has no problem, but the Graphic display gets completely unsycned. I low-key love the behind the lyrics bit and would like it fixed if possible. I've tried updating my own xbox & spotify app, but they're both up-to-date. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?



2: Sometimes the app just randomly stops. (this might be a mistake on my end, but just curious if it's common?)


3: Every 1 in 20 songs is extremely loud. It seems entirely random. I've tried to dig into settings to equal out audio, but I cannot seem to find the option. 


If these are known issues or user error issues, I sincerely apologize for the waste of time. Thanks for any/all assistance!

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I too have had this problem of issue #1 & 2, not so much 3. 

I came here because I searched how to solve for issue #1. This is my first stop, but I’m hoping someone has some kind of fix for this and I’ll probably check back regularly.