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Xbox One: Muffled and Distorted Sound


Xbox One: Muffled and Distorted Sound

Gig Goer

With Xbox One the music is muffled and distorted. Also, there is no bass. The reason for this problem is, in my theory, that the Hardware Acceleration setting is being used. Why do I think so? With my Mac Pro 8-Core, if I use Hardware Acceleration, the sound is muffled and distorted. The Spotify engineers should turn off Hardware Acceleration in the Xbox One app to fix this problem. I am using the same home theater system, Sony DAV-X1, with my Mac Pro and Xbox One, so I know it is not the fault of my home theater system. I am using an optical cable with both devices.

Plan: Premium

Country: Finland 

Device: Xbox One

Operating System: 10.0.17763.3066 (latest)

Spotify app in Xbox One: release date 31.10.2017 (latest)