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Xbox One playlist scrolling speed is very slow


Xbox One playlist scrolling speed is very slow

Casual Listener

I have this very long playlist which contains more than 200 songs. And everytime i launch it on my Spotify Xbox One App, it takes ages for it to scroll down to the bottom of it. Because my latest fav. songs are at the bottom of it. 


It scrolls very slowly when I press down button on my Xbox One Controller. I literally wait 15 seconds for it to happen. Mine has only 200 songs, what about people with longer playlists? The problem is the scrolling speed is linear.  It should pick up the pace once the button is pressed for more than 3 seconds and should go very very fast once it is pressed for more than 5 seconds. This feature is universal and implemented in almost every app & games as it is crucial for app that include long lists.