Your Top Songs Feedback


Your Top Songs Feedback




I think that the Your Top Songs 20xx Playlist feature is an awesome idea. I really liked my list from 2016, and listened to it regularly. I was so looking forward to my Your Top Songs 2017 Playlist, and was thinking of sharing it in case friends or followers might want to follow it.

But then i got the list, and was unfortunately quite disappointed.  You see i know exactly which songs are my most listened to songs due to Lastfm.  All my songs are logged to that service and i can see my entire list of played songs going back years. I get reports over any time period of my choosing showing top played songs, artists and albums.

The list Spotify made for my Top Songs 2017 did not include my most listened to songs, and included at least one song I have never listened to and would never choose to listen to. 

I was like '**bleep**?' .. and this list is not something i would listen to or share.

You need to improve whatever algorithm you use to pick the favourite songs ..

So .. i intend to make my own Top Songs playlist, using the report from lastFM.