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account overlapping


account overlapping

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It seems like I have somene else coneccted to my account, so everytime I try to listen to my music it's constantly interrupted by this other account's music. And on top of that now I have all of his/her playlists on my account. What do I do? 


thanks :)

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Re: account overlapping


First of all, welcome to the community.


When you are listening to a song, on the full screen of the song it should have a devices button on the bottom. Check that to see if any other devices are connected on your account.

Me and my partner had that when I was at work and she was at home before we had the Family pack.



If you have confirmed there is somebody else using your account on a device you don't know I would suggest to change your password.
If the account is connected to FB, you might need to change your FB password too.?

Alternativly, in your Account Settings under "Devices", you can also remove devices, so they have to re-authorize to use the account again.

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Re: account overlapping

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thank you! that was very helpful! I tried changing the password and it seems that is working. We’ll see.
On Devices, I can’t see any device conected to my account.