lossless quality maybe?


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For a few years I haven't paid close attention to audio quality other than setting Spotify to "very high" quality. Recently had opportunity to upgrade both my desktop and lounge systems, towards the "serious end of HiFi" rather than pushing audiophile. But even with this level of equipment the gap between lossless CD and Spotify is becoming too much of a stretch. Everyone I "informally blind test" prefers the CD quality input. (yes, imperfect scientific methodology noted)

I don't want to switch to a different service but basically feel I have to in order to enjoy the music as much as I should.

Re: lossless quality maybe?

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Re: lossless quality maybe?

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A few options these days. I have only compared Spotify against files that I have self-ripped from CD so far thus I couldn't add anything on choice of hi-fidelity service.

BTW I also used a Sony 24-bit test track. I feel CD is fine for my current enjoyment. But 24-bit (for my ears and equipment) does make an audible difference in some passages.

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Yeah, super annoying Spotify doesn't get with the times and has been ignoring their customers for years. I have been a Premium subscriber for a long time and recently decided to try some lossless options. I am on a free trial with Tidal HiFi for now and it definitely sounds much better even on regular HiFi(not to mention Masters). I am a Prime member too so, I will be trying Amazon Music HD soon as well. Once my free trials are up I am going to decide which to keep. I was going to upgrade to a Premium family plan as my spouse wants Premium now too but, I'm sick of Spotify ignoring this issue and am going to cancel my Premium membership out of principle. Shame on you for not listening to your customers Spotify, my money is going elsewhere and I know I am not the only one... 

Re: lossless quality maybe? (TOO LATE)


Spotify Pop-Up "Tell Us What You Think".   Uh, we already did, multiple times.  You don't listen to your customers.  The paradigm shift we alerted Spotify about is now!   



A few audiophile friends re-testing Qobuz & Tidal, just made the move over to Amazon HD Music, notable progress the past year, starting with FLAC/Lossless.


Amazon HD Music: 

1. FLAC Lossless content offered (HD plan); heads up Audiophiles!   

2.$12.99/mo for Prime members

3. 60 million tracks and more coming

4. 2 million songs now offered in "Ultra HD".  No more searching.  

5. Use free Spotify to learn tracks, pay and play in Amazon HD (FLAC, lossless)


Oh, Amazon pays music artists more than Tidal and Spotify.  See link below.  

When bean counters at Spotify finally learn of this customer trend, it will be too late.





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If you want to lose a part of your customer base that's exactly one good way to do it.

You are on an edge right now, like Nokia who did not adapt to their business environment.
I don't want to cancel my subscription because I love Spotify. I have my premium account since the begging.

I have tried other services, and yet, the discography on Spotify is largely the best on the market. I can find all the music I look for and was never disappointed compared to Yahoo Music or Tidal for example.

Also the interface is largely better than the other services.

So you have the best product, but when it comes to Music, having the best sound quality is actually the MOST important part. People won't hesitate to switch because of that.

So be smart and COMMUNICATE ABOUT IT!!!!



Re: lossless quality maybe?


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Re: lossless quality maybe?

I canceled Spotify premium, Tidal Hifi is truly eye opening as to how big the difference in the audio quality is.

Tidal is right there with Spotify now with machine learning and recommendations, sorry Spotify but that's the harsh reality. Don't let your past success get to your head and listen to your valuable customers who've been screaming at the top of their voices past a few years.

You've lost a customer just a moment ago (me). Just like everyone else, if you add a "premium lossless" tier for a few $ more a month more, i'll consider coming back.

Till then, Adios

Re: lossless quality maybe?

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I had previously posted 3 point where Spotify wins over Qoubuz or Tidal.
Looks like we are down to 2 now.
Tidal now has "Connect" which is similar to Spotify connect. Would like Amazon HD and Qobuz come up with this. If Amazon comes up with Connect, it would be game over for me, as I will immediately switch to Amazon HD. I use Foobar2000 to play my DSF and FLAC to the DAC using MonkeyMote. Tried Audirvana, but there is not connection for Spotify or Amazon HD. Hence want Amazon to come up with a Connect app.

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