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offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


Yes the same issue is still ongoing. I have found that to make it work I need to

1 clear offline cache

2 redownload playlist,

3 start playing a track from playlist,

4 go offline,

5 disconnect wifi on watch

6 turn off bluetooth on phone

This works 100% off the time but is clearly time consuming and frustrating.

All I have got from Samsung and Spotify is that when the phone connects to the watch by bluetooth or wifi it does a 'maintenance' similar to phone cache clean software which then corrupts the offline music files. Basically they blame each other for it not working effectively.

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


I'm getting the same issue too. Galaxy watch was working fine with offline playlist until now. Now that I have cleared all cache, and the re-download does not work. Can't always be doing such troubleshooting over and over again.

Don't fix something unless it's broken.

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


Just a question can you sync your songs to gear if you have a iOS device? 

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport

Casual Listener

Yes I can sync, that works for me.


Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


I'm having this same, annoying, intermittent issue.


I'll download a playlist, but likely only some of it will download. Sometimes it gets stuck on the last track I played, and will neither play nor move forward. Sometimes it simply refuses to play anything. I've deleted and reinstalled multiple times, re-downloaded playlists and it doesn't seem to help, but have had success so far with @Oliverfutter 's solution.

However, it really is a pain, and forgetting just one step or doing it out of order will mean another reinstall/redownload. It is NOT an acceptable work around. The entire reason I have the watch is to quickly and easily put music on while I run. This is the reason I was willing to pay such a high price for the watch. Samsung and Spotify software engineers: this issue is not resolved, please can you investigate?

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport

Music Fan

This is embarassing.
I bought the samsung gear fit 2 pro just for this feature and it never worked acceptably.
Does anybody know if Garmin implement Sporify better?
I will definitely not repeat the same mistake.

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


I will never buy any item from Samsung.

They advertise this watch with spotify and they don't care. Somebody will say that this is an topic of spotify. Maybe but Samsung has to take care for the customers. Spotify says Samsung is responsible and Samsung says spotify is responsible. Who is the fool? Gues..  

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport


Sorry for my upset !

Who the f.. marked that as a solution ?

This aint a solution!

This is a workaround for not throwing the watch in the corner!


The problem is still unsolved and Spotify and Samsung doing nothing!

And they will never do something in future time because they already outsale that watch for nearly half of the price!


Samsung is for me dead! Next will be Spotify !

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport

Music Fan

I agree, it's embarassing.
If you read the reviews for the samsung app, it has 1 star, and it's being like that for 2 years.
You know, in 2 years a single software engineers could write that app from scratch multiple times.
They just don't care.

Re: offline not working with Samsung Gear Sport

Casual Listener

I am using the Gear Sport. I may be doing something wrong, but I have a playlist on my spotify account. I add tracks to it.


I then go to my watch, open Spotify and it says 'This playlist has been updated - sync now?' - I say yes and then it downloads for a few seconds and says complete.


As soon as I leave the house without my phone, only the old tracks are being displayed will play and be displayed.

If I try playing one of the new tracks I added, it just goes back to the first track in the playlist.


I deleted the whole playlist and started a new one, then sync'd it. All ok, but if I add any tracks to the playlist on my spotify account, then try and sync my watch to it, the new added tracks show, but won't play offline! It's driving me mad now.


Any ideas?