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ps4 connectivity(?) issue


ps4 connectivity(?) issue

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I have an ongoing problem with my ps4 Spotify app - been happening for months. After what seems a random time period - sometimes 10 seconds, sometimes 10 minutes or an hour - the app will stop playing a song. After a few minutes it usually resumes, and I can speed the process up by booting Spotify on my PC/phone and "forcing" it to recognise the ps4 app (this involves trying to select the ps4 as a device to play on, which I need to do 3-4 times and in the process it for some reason logs me out and back into the ps4 app, although I never have to actually click log in).


It's not a problem with my ps4 or the internet connection at my house - I play online games uninterrupted while this happens, and my PC/phone are still both connected to the internet. Just seems to be some random bug of the PS4 Spotify app. Anyone had this happen to them? Or is there a fix? It's one of those annoying small things that really starts to bug me.




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Re: ps4 connectivity(?) issue


Hey @1123361105, welcome to the Community!


Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this. We'll be glad to help out :)


How long has this issue been going on for? Does the issue persist if you remove the app from your device and install it again? 


Also, though it doesn't seem to be related to your connection, try resetting your network router to see if it makes a difference.


Let us know how it goes.