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"My Music" section Not Playing


"My Music" section Not Playing


I've been having problems with this section since a few days ago giving me "This song is not available" message, I can't seem to play any of songs from this section but I can play playlst and browsed songs perfectly fine. And that section works just fine in the installed version.

I want to fix this since all of my music is there and the web browser is the one that I use the most.

I've tried using spotify on other devices, deleting cookies, and using other internet browsers.


Any help is apreciated.

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Re: "My Music" section Not Playing

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Hey @IsaíasGus! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


Are you still experiencing this issue or was this just temporary?

Because I can my music properly on the web player. Be sure to check if there is a VPN or something else that could block the connection. ^^