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"Songs" list removed in Home. Where I find a full list of my songs?


"Songs" list removed in Home. Where I find a full list of my songs?


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Country USA

Device PC, web player


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Never mind. Looks like what they changed was the way songs are added to your library. They now appear in a playlist called 'Liked Songs'. I would argue this makes no sense. If the library is the list of subscribed items. A playlist is a group of subscribed items. Now the library is treated as a playlist which goes against the idea of a library. But... it is what it is. Did get me thinking why I pay $120 a year for this service though.



Apparently Spotify has decided to remove the "Songs" list on the "Your Library" section in the Web player. This is where I would normally go to find a complete list of every subscribed track. However, now I can only see Playlists, Made For You, Liked Songs, Albums, Artists and Podcasts which doesn't help me at all as I preferred to treat my entire library as a single playlist. How do I get that back on the web player? I suppose I could create a playlist and manually add every albumn but I would need to do that for anything I subscribe to in the future as well.. kind of a pain. The "Songs" list was convenient. Gone forever for "reasons"? Or is there another way to get to my library?


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Re: "Songs" list removed in Home. Where I find a full list of my songs?


Same here.

My playlist arent able to play. Nxt song would be In Queue song. 

How to playback the playlist i want?