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shuffle option in onkyo app


shuffle option in onkyo app


Getting very close to canceling my Spotify act because of one very simple missing feature.  I have been a Spotify premium member for several months now and I have been extremely pleased with the ease at which Spotify allows me to access music and create custom playlists to use and enjoy.  However, I found it very difficult to stream this content from my pc to my home theater system. 

Hey, guess what…  You guys have a deal with Onkyo to support Spotify simply by using an app included in selected Onkyo hardware.  Perfect!  Problem solved.  Based solely on this fact, I purchased the Onkyo HTS8409 Network A/V Home Theater System, and promptly linked it up with my Spotify account. 

Okay, obviously this interface has been rushed out, so not everything is streamlined yet; I get that and that’s ok.  The interface system is terrible-it looks like something pre windows 95, and the menus travel so slow-it takes many frustrating moments of waiting for the cursor to catch up with button presses simply to select a new playlist or song.  Using this app is an exercise in patience and determination which is a complete 180 from what my experience has been using Spotify on my laptop and android phone.  Secondly, there is no way to access saved radio stations , and no easy way to edit playlists-things like adding music, or creating a new playlist using selected songs from another.  All of these things I can get over.  Like I said, I really enjoy Spotify, I understand that with any new content provider there are bound to be hiccups, and my enjoyment of your product outweighs these negatives.  However, a glaring omission in the features that should be included in this app… or rather the ONE feature that should have been included is shuffle.  At first I couldn’t believe that the most common feature found in anything-device, app, media player, whatever-since the Sony Discman back in the 90’s is nowhere to be found. 

Without this feature, I am forced to choose between spending several frustrating moments navigating the horribly slow menu to find a spot in a playlist not heard for a while-only to be greeted by the same line up of songs in a memorized order…  or…  substitute my $1,000 home audio investment for a pair of puny laptop speakers.  SUFFLE??!  I understand that it can be tricky negotiating with the content providers in how your customers listen to and use Spotify, but I can’t imagine that a shuffle feature is the cause of a major hang-up.   

I hate to give up the benefits I see in your service over something as simple as a Shuffle feature, but without this feature, I will have to consider another streaming music source that provides more options in this area.  After cruising around the message boards for a while, I see a lot of back and forth as to if this is a Spotify responsibility, or an Onkyo responsibility, but quite simply, Onkyo has my $g already-I’m not buying a new system anytime soon, so I’d bet their level of caring is pretty low.  You guys are getting my $120 a year 9.99 at a time, so that’s really the only recourse I have. 

Since 2011, some have been saying that this is right around the corner, but I’m gonna need a date on this to stick around any longer.  To keep my service from now until the end of the internet, I would need this feature added sometime before the end of the second quarter 2013…  or… or…  because I like options, just throw a simple DLNA compatibility in with your premium service.  Don’t care, just need some shuffle.  Thanks for your time. 

Also, I feel like 10 bucks a month is a good deal for your service…  I’d even pay a couple bucks more for full DLNA compatibility, and I doubt I’m in the minority in this.

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Re: shuffle option in onkyo app

Casual Listener

Same here. I like my Onkyo and i like my Spotify, but i hate the fact, that i cant use it together. So at the moment i use my spotify only on my Pc and on my phone + wirelesspeaker but i want to use it  with my soundsystem too. And without the shuffle-mode i just can't use it.


so pls pls pls pls, do it and add this shuffle mode.



PS: Sorry if i wrote something wrong, english isn't my native language :).