spotify is not supported on this device


spotify is not supported on this device




I have Premium spotify account (just verified that), Yamaha MusicCast BAR 400 soundbar (which officially is supported to work with spotify connect) and Amazon Echo Dot 3. I can not make Alexa playing the music from spotify on the soundbar tough.


My setup:

* Spotify is the default music provider for alexa

* Soundbar is set as default output device for echo dot

* Soundbar have integration with spotify connect set up and working

* I have both MusicCast skill enabled in alexa

* I have the spotify skill enabled in alexa

* I have latest firmware upgrade for soundbar and alexa (echo dot)


What I've tried:

* disable/enable the spotify and all musiccast skills in Alexa app

* restart the soundbar. Unplugg it from electricity for ~15 seconds

* restart soundbar

* restart echo dot


But nothing helped. Anytime i say 'alexa play song X by artist Y' then I get 'Spotify is not supported on this device'. I also tried to alter the request to 'alexa play xyz on spotify' or alexa play 'xyz on spotify on den'. Den is the name of my soundbar and other requests works (like 'alexa turn off the den' or 'alexa play xyz on amazon music on den')


Strangely, this is what is working without problems:

* When I set echo dot as default speaker and I say 'Alexa play XYZ' then alexa plays that song from spotify on the echo dot speaker

* when I play the song on spotify (i tried phone and linux client on my PC) I can see my soundbar in the 'Connect to a device' dialog and I can make the song play on the sounbar without an issue just by clicking on it.

* If i change default music provider to amazon music (for which the soundbar has support too), then echo dot is able to play the song on the soundbar.


I googled on some forums, it seems this is happening not only to mee, but the questions are either not answered, or the issue just fixed randomly one day.


Any help is appreciated

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Hey there @kecmen84


Thanks for reaching out about this in the Community and letting us know all the troubleshooting you've tried.


Just to confirm, were you previously able to use this setup to play music in the soundbar? If so, when did you notice it stopped working?


Also, could you send over the exact firmware versions that your devices are running?


We'll keep an eye out for your reply. 


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