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yamaha rx - s600d Access Error


yamaha rx - s600d Access Error

Casual Listener

Hi everybody,

since about a month i`m not able to start Spotify Connect at my Yamaha rx-s600d AV-Reiceiver with any deviced. Thirst, i thougt its because my iPhone. Later on, i tryed it with an Android, doesn`t work either. I´m not even able to make it start with my laptop.

If i start the Sportify App at my phone/laptop, i can see it as an externel device. The AV-R is connect by a cable to my router. I`m using Spotify about 2 years already at my AV-R but now, i`m basicly helpless.

I did a complete restart at the AV-R, no change. I tryed it a friends place to see if its a mistake of my internet but no change. Access Error...

Any help?