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[Sonos] Logging in


Re: Logging into my Sonos

Spotify Legend
‎2012-04-09 02:55 PM
Hmm - maybe the app hasn't become available in your country yet? In any case, I believe it might be worthwhile contact Sonos - they might be able to direct you towards the correct application.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Re: Logging into my Sonos

Concert Regular
‎2012-04-09 02:59 PM

Hi David,


sonos germany is naming Spotify and in their instructions it is mentioned like in the english version.


I contacted SONOS team for that issue.




Re: Logging into my Sonos

Music Fan
‎2012-04-09 10:28 PM
I try to follow your link, but cannot find anything about device password.

Re: Logging into my Sonos

Concert Regular
‎2012-04-10 08:32 AM


sonos find the problem! Uner in my profil stands AS instead of DE (for Germany) - I never thought, that the data in my Sonos Account unt´der influence my sonos system at home.

sonos spotify cannot login

Music Fan
‎2012-04-14 11:12 PM

created my account on facebook and sonos will not let me login thru facebook. how do i obtain a spotify account username and password??

Re: sonos spotify cannot login

Community Manager
‎2012-04-15 11:41 AM

gxsanto - I've just moved your post to this more relevant thread. Please see my original post here with instructions on retrieving your device username and password. 


kijek - Glad to hear you were able to sort that out. Have you now been able to log in and use your Sonos?


bentgjendem- You won't need a new username/ password since you didn't join via Facebook.


You can log into your Sonos with your original "bentgjendem" username and Spotifiy password. 



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Re: Logging into my Sonos

Music Fan
‎2012-04-16 07:26 PM

I have logged in with FB went to right page and claimed for the email . I now wait since 4 days for the email. I am a paying customer and it seems a bit strange tom wait 48 hours and still nothing happens. What should i do next???

Re: Logging into my Sonos

Spotify Legend
‎2012-04-16 07:32 PM
Krishome - One of our advisors might be able to help you getting a Device Password. Send an email to our contact form, by scrolling up to the top of the page, selecting "About Us" and "Contact Form". They'll need to request some security details, but they should be able to get a device password to you.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Re: Logging into my Sonos

‎2012-04-21 06:51 AM
same problem here. I can't login to Spotify through my Sonos System. I have set a Device Password and logging in through my Computer and my Device Password works but Spotify Server refuses my Login Information when acessing through Sonos. My case number: 386737 Please help

Re: Logging into my Sonos

‎2012-04-21 11:38 AM
Hey Johnny, sorry to hear you're having problems logging into your Sonos.

I'll follow up your case and try to help you directly by email.
Check out our Twitter for the latest updates on any service issues: @Spotifystatus

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