[WP 7.5] Windows Phone spotify problems


Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Concert VIP
‎2012-02-23 06:51 PM


on topic:

I cannot sync either... to begin with it was not a problem, but it dosn´t work right now, or for the last week...! 



off topic:

It also happens to stop the musiok by itself, without any reason. Also it often happens to go offline.. If you lock the screen then unlock it, you will find out that sometimes nothing works, an a restart i needed - sometimes the app restarts by itself for no reason.





- Nokia Lumia 800




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Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Concert Regular
‎2012-02-24 03:30 PM

Please fix these issues. Im tired of having my songs suddenly not available, and having to sit there in the car, on my skis or in my sofa for that matter, and fickle with stuff to get Spotify working again.



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Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Music Fan
‎2012-02-27 09:04 AM

I've been using Spotify since I have my Lumia (2 months ago) and I was realy angry with Nokia. The battery was horrible, I couldn't go party with my lumia and came back home with enought battery. But,
last day I discovered that the phone it's ok, the battery last a lot more than other phones I had if I DON'T USE SPOTIFY! So, every time  use Spotify, I then have to reboot the phone so it doesn't eat the battery.

Battery life with spotify: 6 or 7 hours.
Battery life without it: 14 ir 15 hours!

I'm paying for a premium account 10€/month. If you don't fix this I'll have no choice, I'm going to leave Spotify and look for an alternative.

Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Music Fan
‎2012-03-09 01:30 AM

My Spotify app. won't sync content either. I can get the playlist to download/sync but everytime I re-enter the app. the playlist hasn't synced at all and none of the tracks are availble offline. Please fix ASAP!

Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Music Fan
‎2012-03-09 01:15 PM

Well I'm a new Windows Phone user and I just tried the Spotify app with a Premium account.


For me it's working fine, excepts when I connect a sound output (like a minijack) to my Lumia 710 phone : the sound level become really low, and I have to put the phone sound volume to the max to hear someting.


The problem is that it is working fine with the built-in Zune application, the sound level never change...


Does someone has the same trouble with a Lumia ?

Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Music Lover
‎2012-03-10 08:45 AM

I've got a Lumia 800 with latest updates and I can only agree that the app really needs fixing on

* Fastforward/rewind

* syncing local files (I spent weeks with customer support trying different methods until they finally said "your device isn't officially supported". That felt just great :S .... )

* General stability - spotify closes down randomly pretty often.

* Speed - from pushing the icon until the spotify client is loaded takes up to 10 seconds, even when it's clearly still loaded and playing music. 

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Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Community Legend
‎2012-03-10 09:00 PM

Please update it!


And how this is unsupported? Spotify works with ALL WP mango smartphones. So Spotify guy just trying say: I, the Spotify employee, can't help you anymore. Spotify WP app need a update, a fix whatever.


Nokia Lumia 800:


- Bugs

- Bugs

- Bugs

- And bugs


OK, this is just a stupid list.


- Bluetooth bug

- Sometimes Spotify shut itself off

- Sometimes Spotify can't play any track, just loading

- More bugs...


So good app, but manu bugs... where is a fix?

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Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Garage Band
‎2012-03-16 06:06 AM
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Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Music Fan
‎2012-03-19 05:46 PM

Same Issue -It is frustrating to pay fo the premium service so I could then enjoy the service in my car via bluetooth, but it is really frustrating to have to turn my phone off and back on to get it to work (especially since with WP7 I almost forgot how to turn the phone off).  Would love to see this bug get fixed soon. 

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Re: Windows Phone spotify problems

Bedroom Songwriter
‎2012-03-19 06:38 PM

Seeing same issues as many here.


- slow startup, sometimes hangs on the green loading screen

- huge issues with bluetooth, disconnecting from car bluetooth results in spotify not playing anything before reboot, received phone call while driving also results in spotify unable to play before reboot

- sometimes offline files not recognized or unnecessarily resynced


I checked from the marketplace and the last update was 7th of November 2011 so I'd say they stopped development. WP clearly isn't a big enough platform to take seriously. I'm considering to cancel my subscription as 99% of my Spotify usage is while driving. Most of the driving is business related so I need to be able to make and receive calls while driving. Spotify atm is useless for me.