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10+ minutes songs of Liquid Tension Experiment are unavailable

10+ minutes songs of Liquid Tension Experiment are unavailable



All songs of the band Liquid Tension Experiment that exceed 10 minutes are not available. Can you fix this ?




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I'd like to see this fixed as well

We are still waiting. Something is up with the following songs from Liquid Tension Experiment:
When the Water Breaks
Liquid Dreams
3-Minute Warning

Some people suggest it's licensing, that's unlikely. Every other song is available and it is only songs longer than 10 minutes. They even appear as though they are intended to be available. Can we get a fix? I hear they are available elsewhere. I prefer this platform. Please help.

it has been six months since our complaint. no solution until this moment.


This is happening all over the place, I usually listen to Shadow Gallery's albums, the 3 songs that last longer than 10 minutes (The Queen Of The City of Ice, Cliffhanger 2 and First Light) are not available.


This is most likely Spotify trying to save bandwidth or disk space rather than a licensing issue.

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