2018 Wrapped list problem


2018 Wrapped list problem


First of all, hello everyone.

I have a problem about 2018 wrapped list.

I cant see my 9 page list actually i cant reach this site. i entered spotifywrapped website, im connecting my spotify account.There is no problem there but I sawthis screen.(I tried at phone too.The result is same).

So what i have to do for my wrapped list?

(I can see my songs list but i cant see statics or something.


Thank you for all.


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Hey @kaireichi, sorry to hear that this is affecting you too 😕

This is, however, an issue that Spotify is aware of and is currently investigating! You can find more information about it here. Go ahead and visit that topic and give it a like to let the developers know that you are also experiencing the issue. Make sure to leave a comment with the relevant information so they can address it efficiently!