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2018 and iPod still not supported

2018 and iPod still not supported

Hey guys. What is happening? It’s almost 2018 and Spotify still can’t do something for iPod users. I’m traveling a lot and 9 hours flight without music is complete **bleep**. And you can imagine if I’m listening that many hours from my phone, what will happen. Sometimes I’m changing 3 flights every 5 hours. I can’t charge it 3 times per day. That will kill the battery immediately. I have iPod nano 7 and I don’t think it’s that hard to make the app to work with it. Even if i have to connect it with my Mac to sync. 


Spotify- it’s time! The future came and we have issue since 2012 with this. Don’t make people to go back in the black days where they was pirating music!

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