4 of the same song in Discover.. seriously?

4 of the same song in Discover.. seriously?

My discover weekly this time around has 4 variations of the exact same song. Week after week my discover has gotten worse, and now this? 

It's a song from Witcher 3. The variations include orchestral, piano, vocals, cover, etc. What's the point? How can the algoritithm mess up this bad to include 4 of the same. I'd understand 2, but 3 would be a stretch. So 4??? What makes it better is I already have 2 variations of the song in my library... why would spotify think I'd want more?
Extremely disappointed in discover capabilities.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

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I think it happens sometimes. The algorithm is not perfect, of course.


I cat get the same song versioned by differents artists (some of them are absolutely not my style) o the same song from the same artist but from different albums.


I remember when I got a flamenco version of Hotel California. Flamenco is a genre from my country but I do not like it at all. I disliked the artist, but in your case is more complex.

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