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A way to leave feedback for customer support personal at the end of a chat.

A way to leave feedback for customer support personal at the end of a chat.

Joey B. the online customer support tech was amazing. I have NEVER had a more positive interaction in a situation that didn't start out that way. He was polite and ensured all my questions were answered, he was natural and didn't come across like a robot. We even had a giggle together. Made me feel really good about your customer service. Thank you and I hope this reaches the right person to give him the recognition he deserves. 

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Hey there!


Thanks for your kind words, I'll make sure it reaches the right person. 😉

Thanks for the kind words @jenncoffey! We're making sure your message makes it to Joey B today 🙂

Hi, I had a similar situation this morning with an advisor on chat from Spotify UK - April D. She helped me merge 2 accts after my premium got attached to an account I wasn't logged into. Never had a smoother or more pleasant customer service experience. She even helped me fix an issue with my account that had been bugging me but I wasn't expecting a fix to! Hope this can get back to April D. Thanks! Tamasine :).

I also had the issue of not being able to leave written feedback, but unfortunately because of an unsatisfactory support team member.


My issue was that, even though I was logged into Spotify through Facebook, my profile picture and name weren't being displayed. This was apparently because I had reset my Facebook password.


The customer service person I spoke with (Kevin L.) said that the only option was to create a new Spotify account since I had deactivated my Facebook account.


I corrected him and said, I didn't deactivate, only changed my password. He followed with saying, still the only option was to create a new account.


I didn't want to do this since I like having all of my data saved like what I've listened to, and all of that would be lost. After back and forth of me repeatedly saying I didn't want to create a new account he suddenly had another option.


This option was to remove Spotify from my Facebook settings then add it back on again (this apparently will fix the profile issue within 24 hours). 


If I had not pushed for a different option, I would have been stuck wasting more time setting up a new account. If it was such an easy fix to begin with, why was the solution not brought up in the beginning?


This was terrible customer support (someone who isn't as pushy as I am would be stuck making a new account when there was a simple solution), so why was this customer service representative not doing their job correctly?


I'm sure there are plenty of members on the customer service team who do an excellent job, but Kevin L did not. I think it is equally important to give negative feedback so that these individuals can be trained properly and not continue to create unsatisfied customers.


I hope this reaches the Spotify Team.

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