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[APP & WEB PLAYER] Why Spotify Still Getting Worst?

[APP & WEB PLAYER] Why Spotify Still Getting Worst?

We witnessing the last months that both App and Web Player are getting worst... features starting missing, things not working, many errors etc.


Is it something going on with the developers? Why Spotify support their decisions? Why doesn't act to those failures? Why there is no support? Why they don't make statements?


These things made me cancel my subscription, i feel very sad that one of the best music services became so so so bad and ugly... what are your opinions?

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Spotify is an absolute punchline. Way to half **bleep** eeeevvvvvvveeeerrryyything. 


Layout is awful and half the functionality just plain doesn't work. 


Who is the clown that approved this? "This piece of **bleep** that barley works is great. Lets release it to our paying customers."

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