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About streaming


Hi Everyone, I got some questions here. I am trying to do stream on a song. 1. Is that I have to play the whole song in order to make it counts in to stream?(I have premium) or I only need it last for more than 30sec 2. If I add the same song in a playlist about 3 times and keep repeating this playlist, is every single time the song plays, it is streaming? 3. is there a maximum number of stream which will be count? 4. what type of things will cause it Not streaming?  Thx

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Hey @AriW


Listening to a song is counted as one play or one stream when you've listened to at least 30 seconds of it.

If you're interested in scrobbling, then the song gets scrobbled after 50% of the song has been played.


Repeating the song is also streaming and adds to its play count. I don't think there is a maximum for this. 🙂
Only local files don't get counted (even if the song exists in Spotify's library).


Hope this answers your questions!

Have a lovely day 🙂

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