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About the International Women's Day playlist...

About the International Women's Day playlist...


Although I am a man, and I am therefore very aware that I am not the best spokesperson for feminism, I was very surprised and disappointed for your International Women's Day playlist. On Spotify France (idk if it is the same playlist everywhere), the playlist is titled Girl Power, it starts with 'Girls just wanna have fun', continues with 'Wannabe' by the Spice Girls... In my opinion, those songs symbolize a kind of old-fashioned type of feminism, which doesn't seem to be in line with the current state of the women's movement. I recommend that next year, you focus on songs that are actually about women's self-empowerment. And if the playlist could be oriented towards all kinds of female artists, not only pop artists, and not only young ('Girls'), it would be a major bonus as well. 

I really enjoy Spotify though, and lots of the other playlists are actually great. 

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