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Activity feed won't load

Activity feed won't load

I just switched to spotify student and after doing so my activity feed has been frozen. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it is still not working. Can anyone suggest something?

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It may be related to the bug that's currently in Spotify's servers. A staff member said they are working on fixing it, here.


The main thread relating to yesterday's/today's server issues affecting profile pictures, Facebook names activity feeds, profiles etc. is here.

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Everything is working for me, but my activty feed is not updating. It's been like this for 3 days now. 

My Activity feed has been broken for 3 days now as well. I have reloaded Spotify to try and correct this issue but no luck.

Same here.  My activity feed hasn't updated in 3 days.  Really annoying.

My feed won't load. I just keep getting the spinning circle that says "Loading". I that what everyone else is experiencing, or is mine an unrelated problem?

Same thing.

Hey guys! All should be fixed now!


Log out of Spotify (For Mac: File > Logout) then quit Spotify (For Mac: Spotify > Quit Spotify) then start up Spotify and login and that should fix it. 🙂

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Success!  Thank you!


Can/Would you fix mine?

Have you tried logging out and restarting spotify?

I've been going through the process of restarting, disconnecting from Facebook and reinstalling and none of this is fixing my activity feed. I figure I'll just have to wait it out at this point for a Spotify empolyee to post a fix, but it seems like this has been an open issue for a lot of folks.


I love Spotify and will always be an adovacte, but this feels like a problem they're overdue in fixing. 

It didn't do anything for mine. Is this something spotify said should fix it?

The service issues of the last couple of days affected the activity feed for a lot of people but everything should now be back to normal. It is possible that it may take a while for everyone to catch up.


However, some users have been having problems with their activity feed for almost a year. Sometimes relogging gets it going. Spotify is aware of this issue and is trying to identify what might be causing this.

Busted again. It was nice for the few hours that it worked. Bummer.

Activity Feed:


Tried it today, my first song posted to Spotify Activity and to facebook, second and subsequent attempts aren't posting to feed, but are posting to FB.  Activity has broken again.



There was a post today from a staff member over in this thread. I'm going to lock this topic and, anyone else having issues with the activity feed, please go to



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