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Activity tracking w/ Spotify Connect and Sonos

Activity tracking w/ Spotify Connect and Sonos

when using the recent spotify direct solution with Sonos  I notice there are still a few things not being tracked and/or output in Spotify:
1) my plays don't get fed to Facebook for activity feed
2) my spotify profile does not reflect or track listening this way


it appears that Spotify software is not seeing, nor recognizing my plays wjen i use conect to sono from the Spotify app itself. Odd. 

So the questions:
 does Spotify track plays made on or thru Sonos direct or thru Sonos via Spotify conect? and if yes, why not display those similar to using the app without sonos?

Spotify  you must be or the artists/writers would not be getting paid...

also are spotify dynamic playlists affected by using sonos direct thru Spotify connect or thru the sonos app?
more questions around this ... you get the point

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am I the only one who cares about this? 


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