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Add option for link in 'about' section for fans to donate

Add option for link in 'about' section for fans to donate

Soundcloud have just added the option for artists to add a link so that fans can donate via a 'support artist' button - it has the option to link to paypal or similar.


Spotify should add this functionality too. Soundcloud are doing it in response to the Covid-19 situation to support artists, and its a great idea..


Even outside the Covid 19 crisis, Spotify should introduce and maintain such a feature so that fans can donate direct to the artists. Spotify is a huge platform and artists get paid so little royalties from the streams, and at the same time no one wants to pay for downloads now because streaming platforms have the monopoly. Artists therefore doubly lose out. Introducing this feature would help both artists AND Spotify. It would be good PR for the platform, being a  positive, artist focused development, and the cost to Spotify would also be very small.

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Hey @Bonedango,


Thanks for reaching out about this!


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