Adding/Removing songs in webplayer playlist

Adding/Removing songs in webplayer playlist



Having trouble adding/removing items in spotify webplayer playlists.  Specifically, items do not immediately appear after i select "add to playlist.." from the drop-down menus, and do not immediately disappear after I try to delete them.  Changes to playlists only occur after I refresh my browser.


Additionally, while I can add entire albums to playlists, I can only remove individual songs.


So let me give you the situation that just happened:  


- I made a playlist for some Christmas working music

- Via the drop-down menus, I added "69 Love Songs" by the Magnetic Fields 

- "69 Love Songs" do not show up in the playlist, so I try to click "add to playlist.." again

- I click "add to playlist.." one more time, nothing happens

- I refresh the browser window

- I now have 207 Love Songs in the playlist.  I realize my blunder.  Silly Me!

- I try to remove some of said Love Songs, for 207 is too many Love Songs.  

- I find that I can only remove one Love Song at a time.

- I sigh, and use the right-click dropdown to try to "delete" the redundant Love Songs, one at a time.  

- They do not disappear from the playlist. 

- I resign myself to either deleting the playlist entirely, or clicking delete, then refresh, then delete again, etc. 138 times

- I submit a help ticket because this is kind of amusing, but also frustrating


Is that how the web player is supposed to work?  The desktop app doesn't have this problem, but I unfortunately cannot use it on my work computer due to firewall restrictions.


Any help and/or commiseration would be cool of you.
Happy Holidays!

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