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Adding a song to my library using Amazon Alexa?

Adding a song to my library using Amazon Alexa?

Hi! Is there a way to ask Alexa to add a song to my collection or to one of my playlist? Sometimes I am listening to a new song but can't get to my phone and it would be really useful to just ask Alexa to add it to my collection for me.

6 Replies

Is there really no response to this after 2 months?

This is so basic wft. Does spodify what all there users to switch to Amazon music. They need to get with it.

Hey 🙂 I ran into this problem too so I threw together an Alexa skill to solve it.  It's called "Song Keeper for Spotify" and you can enable it in the Alexa app.  It skill saves the song regardless of where you are playing Spotify too (example, computer, Alexa, phone, TV...).  Feel free to shoot feedback to the email in the skill description.  High rating reviews if you find it useful will help other people in the Alexa app find it if they need it.
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Song keeper is amazing, wish I could pay you for it! I couldn’t that's not built in

Had the same issue, and just installed Song Keeper after finding this thread. Works great, thank you!

Glad people are finding it useful 🙂

Due to user requests added the ability to save to custom playlsits, an Alexa playlist and follow playlists.

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