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Ads Aren’t Personalized

Ads Aren’t Personalized

I mostly listen to instrumental stuff (classical, soundtracks) and rock, along with things like jazz, folk, and blues. You would think the ads I’d get would be at least relevant to those kinds of music, right?




I get ads promoting the latest pop/rap/lo-fi/hip-hop/‘R&B’ artists, with the occasional promotion of some garbage podcast or Spotify’s Premium services here and there. I am pretty jaded when it comes to this kind of music; I can never understand a single rapid-fire, debaucherous thing any of these artists say. I constantly click the ‘thumbs-down’ button and submit the reasons why I dislike the ads, but no matter what they keep coming up like some unknown horror from the deeps.


Is there something wrong on my part, or on Spotify’s? They are pretty good at knowing what I like to listen to music-wise, but what about ad-wise? I am NOT asking to find an ad-free experience without Premium. I am wondering why Spotify has not tailored their ads to fit my tastes, and what I can do about it.

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Same story here, one minute I’m listening to my favorite song the next minute I’m listening to panago ads (disclaimer I have gotten LITERALLY 500 PANAGOS ADS THIS MONTH)

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