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Advertisements and premium.

Advertisements and premium.

I'm sick of this poor treatment. People would go premium if spotify wasn't so crappy about what they did. Not everyone has the extra money to spend on a music service, when there are other free methods. I use spotify, because it was much better when i started using it. It didn't force 6 ads in a row down my throat, with purposely annoying ads to make people buy premium. Example: Cats playing ping pong. "Dont wanna hear our annoying ads? Buy premium" ----- Words by spotify themselves. This makes me not want to even consider buying it, considering how crappy and low of a tactic that is,  that they would subjegate their free users to more and more ads in a row, and even make them actually annoying and headache inducing.. Hell, I hear more ads than music these days.  About to drop this service completely. People make tickets asking why we're getting 6 ads in a row, asking if it's a bug. Spotify says: Huh, that doesnt look right, we'll look into it. --- Next update, MORE ADS. Why not just call yourselves an ad service now? Rather than a music service. That's just plain bad. You literally crap all over your free users now. Don't claim to be free if you're not.


Edit: This may have been posted in the wrong section- if it is, someone move it to the right place, please.

4 Replies

Hello @Jukes


I apologize for any inconvenience, i have reported your issue as a bug and it will hopefully be sorted out soon 🙂


To assist in the process can i ask you to please give us some more info? (Eg: device your using, operating system, Spotify version etc.)


anything and everything you give can help in the identifying and fixing of this issue 🙂


I hope to hear from you soon 🙂

This is not a bug tho. Its just annoying ads. Literally saying we will play you annoying things until you buy premium.

Hello @malgamartheswif, Welcome to the community 🙂


When saying I was reporting the bug I was referring to their playing 6 ads in a row, not spotify advertisement campaign, which I am fairly confident is not to play 6 ads in a row, but rather just a way of reminding listeners that ads are annoying and can be removed by upgrading to premium 🙂


I am not a Spotify employee, just here to help 🙂


I hope this helped! 🙂

I am all for supporting artists but if your broke, you just cant, and spotify using blatant strong arms tactics to make you buy premium is so uncool...capitalisim at its best

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