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Advertising in concerts near you

Advertising in concerts near you

I think it's a great idea to promote artist concerts that appear on users lists ....I even took advantage and bought tickets ....However one concert in particular was promoted "Steely Dan" in south Florida this coming spring ...Pictured are both ... Donald Fagen and Walter Becker ....Walter Becker DIED late last year ... I think perhaps it was Thoughtless of someone or group on your staff that setup and  promoted the concert using a picture of a dead artist in the Ad .... Not shameful but perhaps ignorant ...So This concert wll feature Donald Fagen (who did all of their lead vocals, with the exception of a few by David Palmer on "Can't Buy a Thrill") and the best musicianship possible in the backup band....The way its always been with Steely Dan ... I've seen them twice,  many years back...Each time the band's musicians changed ....

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