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Adverts between each song

Adverts between each song



at the end of each song in a playlist an advertisement will be played.

Is this a normal behaviour? 

I started having this problem today...26 July 2017


Maybe a cookie problem?


I'm using the Web Player in Chrome!
Anyway I tried to delete all data, but nothing...


**UPDATE 27 July **

Today no sponsors at all.

I basically listened to 13 songs without ads.

Didn't try Firefox, since I hadn't the problem...

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Hey frankcadillac!


This shouldn't be a common thing. Possibly every 5-10 songs, but not after each one. I would simply try uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify, seeing as all your music is tied to your account, not the application. Otherwise, see if you can erase the cookies by going through "All Programs" on Windows, and "Applications" on Mac.


I hope this helps! If it did, remember to mark this as a solution! 🙂

Hello @wccomstock.


I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that I'm using the Web Application from Chrome!
Anyway I tried to delete all data, but nothing...
Tomorrow I'll try with Firefox, let's see if something changes!

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