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Affinity Survey not updating/creating new playlists

Affinity Survey not updating/creating new playlists




United States


My Question or Issue

I had previously used the Spotify affinity partnership to create a playlist based on music I had liked in the past. It worked great, and created a playlist that I very much enjoy. Now when I review which songs I like or don't, it says it has created a new playlist but nothing has happened. The service says the playlist would update with every time that it is done, and I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this/may have found a workaround for it? Or is the affinity survey usable one time, and will not update the playlist with more input?


1 Reply

hey if you haven't figured it out yet i got a sulution that might work

1 if you have a old You've got great taste! playlist delete it and make sure you are not playing any songs from that playlist or affinity will think it still exist because affinity can't satck anymore

2 when rating songs press on finish
if you get this you will likely get a new playlist there is no other way around affinity does not stack anymore maybe because people who used affinity used it to stack up a huge playlist of 20000 songs

but this sulution will work for getting a new playlist as seen here

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