Album Taken Down

Album Taken Down


Hello, my name is Lukas, I've been using Spotify for about five years now and I'm very curious about an album that got taken off Spotify a year and a half ago.


The album is called "Ahi Vamos", by the Spanish rock artist Gustavo Cerati.


This is one of my favorite albums by my favorite artist, and when it got taken down I did a lot of research on Spotify Community. I figured out that the reason this album was taken down had nothing to do with the owners of the music or anything like that. A Spotify user was unhappy with the tracklisting of the album, so Spotify Community got it taken down for "maintenence", so that the correct tracklisting could be posted.


A year and a half later the album is still gone, and actually, to begin with, there was one song out of place, so I have no idea why all this had to happen. I was hoping someone in Spotify Community could help me and 2 million other fans out with this. 


Lukas Oyarzun


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