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Albums Disappear in Web Player


Albums Disappear in Web Player

I have noticed that when I select an album/single/compilation etc. from an artist's page, that it disappears after I click on it and return to that artist's page. I can still find the albums by searching or in my library, but this is really odd and annoying.


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Hey folks,


The tech team have been working hard backstage.


We appreciate the recent comments confirming that things seem to be up and running again.

If you are still experiencing this, we'd recommend making sure your device and operating system are up-to-date, as well as giving your Spotify and browser a refresh 🙂

If you have any further questions, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.


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36 Replies

I noticed the same thing today. Curious if this is a recent bug - since I haven't seen this happen in the last 2 years of using the web player daily...

Same thing just started happening to me, the albums can still be viewed throught the search function, but not on the artist's page.


At least you know it's not your computer's fault.

I'm using the web player with Chrome 61.0.3163.79, Mac OS 10.12


To reproduce this bug:

  1. Go to an Artist page and view the list of Albums
  2. Click a link to open an Album
  3. Return to the artist page by clicking the Artist name 

Result: The Album no longer appears on the Artist page in the Album section.

This can be repeated for each remaining album until no Albums display at all. 

Same thing is happening to me on web player. Albums show back up after closing the tab and re-opening Spotify, but very annoying.

Same here. It started yesterday. I can make every album and single of an artist dissapear by clicking on them and going back. Everything comes back if I reload the page. Still annoying though...

where are the freaking tech supports or moderators to answer these questions? spotify you are not perfect... fix stuff like this and also be able to respond to numerous of the same complaints! tired of browsing artists pages and albums disappearing

Same thing just started happening to me! Spotify, please fix this (or at least make this an option that can be turned off or on)!

I'm on the web player on Google Chrome through a Chromebook, having the same bug!

Yeah, it's also happening to me right now =(

Just came over from Apple music and also having this issue.


Just trying to get my playlists/library etc sorted out and this is going on and has been for a few days

Im getting the same except sometimes a normal reload doesnt work. A cache reload works(hold "ctrl" and press either the reload button or f5).
This has been happening for a few days but only started this week



Lately I've noticed a strange behavior in the Web Player:


Go to any artist, select an album, view the track listing.

Go back to the Artist Page.

That specific album no longer appears in their Album List.

You can still search for said album, but it can be pretty annoying...


Hope this helps...

Hey all!


This issue has been reported and the right team is currently looking into it. 🙂

Stay tuned for updates!


Wishing you a great day!

Thank you! This is a really annoying issue. 

Same here!

Not just albums but singles as well

This is horrendous, you end up with no albums at all!!


Edit: Couldn't find this post when I was posting this issue, but it looks like my topic was moved to this thread.


I'm currently using chrome browser (incognito mode, not sure if that matters) to access Spotify Web Player. When ever I go to an artist page, click on an album, then return back to the artist page, that album is no longer visibile on the artist page. This happens whether using 'Back' on the browser or clicking the Artist name. The only way to reload any missing albums is to reload the page. This problem started occuring sometime last week, possibly Wednesday (March 14). I've tried restarting the browser but that doesn't fix the problem. Thanks.

I'm likewise experiencing this bug. I'm using Firefox 58.0.1 on Windows 7. Glad to hear that this isn't a new "feature" like this UI update was a year or two ago.

I am having the same issue, albums disappear from the artist's page after clicking on it, but if you specifically search for the album it is still on Spotify just not on the artist's page.  Issue just started for me on 03/19/18.  Is a fix for this bug coming soon? 


I was looking through these boards and it looks like a similar issue occured in 2013.

Just noticed it today and it is terrible.

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