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Albums Disappear in Web Player


Albums Disappear in Web Player

I have noticed that when I select an album/single/compilation etc. from an artist's page, that it disappears after I click on it and return to that artist's page. I can still find the albums by searching or in my library, but this is really odd and annoying.

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I've been having an issue recently where when I click on an album to veiw it, then go back to the artist page to view other albums, singles, ect., the album I had just been viewing disappears. 

I know it's not that the artist has removed the album because I have some of the songs saved on a playlist and if I click on the song it will take me the album. But when I try and view an artists albums from their artist page, it will not show the ones that I've clicked on. It's like they become hidden after being viewed. Is there a way to turn this off?

I'm using Spotify in Chrome on a Windows desktop. I tried it from Firefox and it's doing it there too. 

Spotify Web Player

Firefox Quantum 59.0.1 (64-bit)


1.- Enter to a singer.

2.- Enter to an album/single

3.- Go back

4.- Album/single has disappeared


I have attached a .gif reproducing it.


  • It's not only albums that disapper but singles & EP's as well.
  • The fact that Sptify stil haven'r solved this issue is not in theit favor; this is a major crisis for all web browser users Chrome & Firefox.
  • A lot of artists/labels/other content owners are probably losing money, does anyone really care?

Hey @yossilevanon and others



Spotify is aware of this issue and the team is looking into fixing it. It may take a little while. 🙂


All the albums and singles that disappeared are still searchable; the content that went missing should return by refreshing the page.


Hopefully there's a fix for it soon!

I've been noticing that same issue.   I clear the cookies and cache to restore that functionality on the site, but it reoccurs and I have yet to resolve it fully on my end.  Looking for a solution from Spotify.

It's still happening after a week - any updates on it being fixed?

Also happening to me. Chrombook user, using Chrome web browser obviously. Albums eliminate after you click on them and exist out. You can do it to every album within an artist, and then you have albums showing and can't listen them. 

Is anyone else having an issue with the web player? I log in, click on an artist's name which takes me to their profile page where there's a list of their albums, singles, etc. I click on one to see the collection of songs and then if I either push the "back" button or click again on the artist name to take me back to their profile page, the item I clicked on no longer appears in the list, its just gone. It shows up on the recently played items, but not on the artist page.

Hi all,


Thanks for all your recent reports of this happening.


Just so you know, the right team's currently aware of this. We don't have an exact timeline for a fix just yet, but be sure to do the following in the meantime:


  • Check your browsers for updates
  • Try using the web player in an incognito window
  • Check your desktop device for a software update

We'll let you know of any other developments as they come in.




JackS suggestion of opening Spotify on an Incognito window doesn't help...

Problem is now fixed for me!

Can also confirm it is now fixed for me. Good jobs spotify and thank you to whatever dev fixed this:)

Marked as solution

Hey folks,


The tech team have been working hard backstage.


We appreciate the recent comments confirming that things seem to be up and running again.

If you are still experiencing this, we'd recommend making sure your device and operating system are up-to-date, as well as giving your Spotify and browser a refresh 🙂

If you have any further questions, make sure to create a new thread in the relevant help board here.


Issue has now stopped for me. Thank you Spotify team!

Although Spotify corrected this issue a couple of weeks ago I was amazed that it still occurs on the "APPEARS ON" section of artists pages who take part in a compilation album or other artist's album .

Please check for example in The Hollies page under this section.

Same here. "Appears on" links disappear in web player once clicked an then back navigate to artist page...

Opera user here. Same problem on 2020.

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