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Albums and songs missing in search but available through playlist

Albums and songs missing in search but available through playlist

Hi, I'm having an issue here.
Sometimes I make a search for a specific song that I have in one of my playlists and it does not appear.


For example, the song 'Hit that' by 'The Offspring'.
It play fine through the playlist, but if I make a search for the song or go looking for the album the song ishould be in neither is available at the band's screen.


I'm from Brazil btw.



2 Replies

Hey @giovannini89


That's strange. Is this happening across all devices? Also, does it happen with specific songs? 


We'll see what we can suggest.

Hey @giovannini89!


How are you getting on, is this still happening?


If so, could you please fill out the full Ongoing Issue template below? This is just so that we can give the best possible advice.




To reproduce:


Operating System:

Spotify App version:

We're here to help, don't worry 🙂


If we've not heard back in around 24 hours, we'll get this thread closed up.


Thanks, and have a lovely day.



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