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Albums missing / disappearing?

Albums missing / disappearing?

Hey! I recognized, that some newer albums are missing... :-( The Black Keys - "Turn Blue" (The single "Fever" is available... :-O) Wolfmother - "New Crown" And over night the album "Steal the Light" from The Cat Empire disappeared... Whats going on there??? Are there more albums disappearing / not being published? Greetings from Germany! 🙂
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I'm with you for Turn Blue! It's strange to see such a major release to be available on most major retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc.), and not be on Spotify.


Did The Black Key's label opt to not put it on Spotify (which is unlikely, since the singles are on there), or is it something wrong with the system?

Hey guys! We'd love to have all of the world's music on Spotify. As soon it's available to us it will be available to you. 


We've got some more info on missing content here.

When searching for songs on Spotify I am striking out more and more.   Lots of content that used to be there is gone.  Quickly approaching the point where my subscription will no longer be worth it.

The Black Keys are against Spotify for some reason or another, as for the others, it's probably due to the labels licensing, I suppose waiting is probably the best option..


Unless their Spotify licensing for a certain release has expired, I'm not sure of all of the legal side 🙂


Black Key's new album isn't available on any streaming service, ditto for their last one

A couple more recent strikeouts:  


Song: West L.A. Fadeaway, covered by Los Lobos.


The Los Lobos Album: Good Morning Aztlan.


The excellent Jackson Browne album: Late for the Sky. 


This is "you've got to be kidding" territory.  Spend too much on the nice pretty interface, and now have to drop good content?


I am a deep cuts kind of guy.  If Spotify is just going to carry "greatest hits" crap, it is not for me, and I'll find another home for my subscription fee.

I don't think that Jackson Browne album is avalaible digitally wise right now, I get annoyed when albums aren't on napster but only when they're on other streaming sites

Just took a peek at RDIO.  Checked out their Jackson Browne and Los Lobos offering.  They also didn't have 'Late For The Sky'.  BUT, they do have a ton more stuff from both of these artists!


I would swear that spotify used to have a much deeper offering.   I cheerfully signed up for Premium to get better quality, commercial free, and the ability to use it on my phone.  But now, I keep striking out, and having to look elsewhere.


If this doesn't improve soon, I will have to cancel.


Seems to be greatest hits albums and small percentage of actual albums.  : (



Strange things happen from time to time. I was very excited when my playlist had over half a million followers, and then the next day the real numbers appeared. 😞

Add to my list of unbelieveable strikeouts:  "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", by the Beatles.  (Just some krappy-o-ke versions and covers.)


I bought a paid subscription.  I am doing my part.  Spotify do your part, and spend on the content!!! 

I stopped buying Spotify cards ages ago because of this nonsense.

What did it for me , was the removal of most My Life with the thrill kill kult albums.

I noticed they are on Sony Music Unlimited, well the ones that matter to me anyway,

If i'm paying money for a service, I really don't want to hear poor excuses why an artist is missing. Copyright issues needs to stop.

I don't blame Tool for not even entering the digital music era, it's a joke.

Negotiations go only with the popular artists, which usally sound like crap anyway, and gives the real talent no chance at all.

Two albums that were available yesterday are unailable today, which seems like an error, not a licensing change...


Nico Muhly – Prologue & Scene 1 (Alley/Police Station): Help! Help! My friend has been stabbed!

Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint: I. Fast

Why the Indian blues rock band "Soulmate" have disappeared from the catalog, at least in Germany? The albums "Shillong" and "Moving On" were available in the past, the new one "Ten stories up" was never published.

Spotify don't control the available content, it is almost exclusively over to the record labels and artists so it is worth getting in touch with them if possible.

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This should be mentioned in Spotify marketing materials. The service is becoming a crap to me. I don't care about contract model. I would not be saying a word if the content is not there, but for sudden disappearing I don't have words. If I was convinced to pay for 20 years instead of buying itunes content I expect different behaviour no matter what contracts Spotify has. I'm sorryv but as paying user for my whole family I do expect improvement.

Why has Tino Panama's Campain Sound Vol 3 been removed from Spotify?

This is an old album, available since 1985:


"Cut the C r a p " from The clash, released 1985. hoe come it is not available?


Thank you !!

The newly remastered edition of Dead Can Dance's album "Into The Labyrinth" is available on Spotify, but it has blank album-cover and all the songs have no titles.


Where could I report this problem and could anybody from Spotify check this out?

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