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Alexa APP Support Unavailable

Alexa APP Support Unavailable

I have a sonos with alexa voice built into it (Sonos One). I have spotify set up through the sonos app but when going through the amazon alexa app, it gives me app support unavailable. I am a student premium user and would love to figure out how to resolve this issue. 

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Alexa App Support-

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If you are facing trouble with Alexa app then you can contact Amazon Alexa Support Team @ any time for free resolutions.

This was working for me, but as of two weeks ago, I have the same problem.  I spent about 30 minutes with support, and no resolution.  


I have Spotify Premium with Amazon music as my default service.  Sonos one is a skill that's enabled.  One of my Sonos groups is named "Downstairs". 


Here's what does and doesn't work:

"Alexa - play song on Spotify" - YES (plays Spotify on Echo device)

"Alexa - play song Downstairs" - YES (plays Amazon music on Sonos)

"Alexa - play song on Spotify Downstairs" - NO ("Sorry, something went wrong")


If I set Spotify as the default music service:

"Alexa - play song" - YES (plays Spotify on Echo device)

"Alexa - play song Downstairs" - NO ("Sorry, something went wrong")


However, if I play a song from the Spotify app to Downstairs, that works fine.


Sonos controllers have latest updates applied.  I've tried disabling/enabling Sonos skill. I've unlinked/linked Spotify.  

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