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Alexa / Amazon Echo Can't Find Existing Songs or Artists

Alexa / Amazon Echo Can't Find Existing Songs or Artists

If I say "Alexa, play songs by Caspar Babypants on Spotify" she will reply with "I can't find songs by Caspar Babypants on Spotify."


But if we say "Alexa, play Butterfly Driving a Truck by Caspar Babypants on Spotify," she will play it. Same thing happens with Elizabeth Mitchell: Alexa can't find her as an artist, but will find specific songs by her.


If I say "Alexa, play Queen," she will play songs by Queen. But if I say "Alexa, play Radio Ga Ga by Queen," she says that she can't find it. THEN, if I go to the Spotify app, search for Radio Ga Ga, and play it, it will play through the Alexa. 


I'm in the US with an Alexa purchased in June 2016; not sure what generation it is. We have a Spotify Premium Family account. The Spotify account is under my name, and the Alexa device is registered to me. I have tried unlinking and relinking my account, and I have tried resetting the device. A call to Amazon tech support tonight did not help: they are forwarding it on to their tech team. This occurs on our other Amazon voice devices (we have two Echos and two dots) as well. I have a video of this issue, too.

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