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Alexa doesn't recognize my Premium family membership

Alexa doesn't recognize my Premium family membership

Trying to get Alexa to recognize that my Spotify account on my Echo Dot is part of a  premium family plan set up by my daughter. I can login to Spotify on my laptop just fine, using the credentials her invite provided (some waaaaay long user name, what's up with THAT?? 🙂 and it correctly shows me as a family member. However, when I try to add Spotify to Alexa via the Alexa settings, I click on Music, am prompted to enter Spotify credentials (which are actually saved in the Alexa Spotify screen that comes up there). I get the Spotify auth options, which don't appear to be waiting for input from me. It says I'm logged in as Elaine, and I click on Agree. I see 3 horizontal "dots", and it consistently just bounces back to the main Alexa screen without connecting or any other messages.


I have tried this multiple times, but it never works. I've reported this to Spotify, but so far no response. I'd also had a similar problem with Alexa not recognizing my gmail calendar, and now with this, it sure seems like Alexa is the issue here. It ain't exactly brain surgery 🙂 Thoughts?




Premium Family Plan, USA, Samsung Galaxy S8, Android Oreo, Echo Dot 3rd Gen, Alexa app version 2.2.250163.0


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Forgot to add that as mentioned in my original msg, I can get into Spotify on my laptop just fine with the Premium Family account credentials and it shows that, but I can NOT enter Spotify by itself on my phone with the exact credentials. It lets me in, but not as a premium family member, presumably as a free member? No messages shown either.



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