Alexa playback reports unsupported location

Alexa playback reports unsupported location






Alexa Echo Dot

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I enabled Spotify skill, linked my  account but when I try to play music with Spotify Alexa says it cannot play because of unsupported location. I am not ready to go for Premium trial to find out I cannot use it anyway so I need a clear statement what is wrong and how this can be fixed so that I can go for Premium. BTW my Samsung TV with Spotify application in the same location (and same WiFi network) works fine.

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The exact message is: "Your Spotify account does not support streaming on this device"

Hey @ondruska! Welcome to the Spotify Community. ^^


That's odd.

I don't know why your Alexa says that the country isn't supported. Spotify is availablei in theCzech Republic.


But you'll need Spotify Premium to play music through your Alexa with Spotify.

Be sure to check this article out for more details about using Spotify with Alexa. ^^



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