Alexa reports Spotify is currently not available in your region


Alexa reports Spotify is currently not available in your region

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I own a Sonos beam for a few months and using Alexa for controlling Spotify on my beam. This worked awesome. However recently I switched from Spotify premium (via the Dutch telecom provider KPN) to Spotify family and currently when I ask Alexa to play some music it reports that it is currently not available in my region. If I play Spotify on my beam (using the Sonos or Spotify app) I can still ask Alexa what is currently playing or ask to play the next song. Only asking Alexa to play something via Spotify is not working.

Is this because I have Family now?


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"It looks like the feature has been withdrawn in your country. You can read more about this here."

In my situation, I can play a specific podcast on Spotify. I can even play it on Alexa via my Spotify. However, when I ask Alexa to play the podcast, the response is that it is out of the region. Instead, Alexa plays the podcast on Amazon Music! It's not an issue with my region. It's an issue with Alexa blocking out Spotify.


"If you've already tried basic troubleshooting such as updating both apps and re-linking your accounts, we'd suggest to get in touch with the Amazon customer support."

If you're ok with Amazon boxing you out of a growing market, I see that as your issue not mine. Your competitor is using monopoly practices to shut you out. Happy to help if you want me to reproduce, but I'm just as happy to listen through Amazon Music or Apple Podcast.