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Alexa shuffles Spotify library even if I have shuffle turned off

Alexa shuffles Spotify library even if I have shuffle turned off




Moto G5s

Operating System

Android 8.1


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A while ago Alexa started shuffling through my liked songs whenever I asked her to play my Spotify library, despite having shuffle turned off - which is weird, because it used to work absolutely fine. I've tried re-linking my Spotify account and disabling the Spotify skill but nothing seems to have worked.

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Same issue here since some days and I hate it. This makes Alexa control for Spotify useless for my use-case. Most of time (if I am not sure what to listen) I start with asking Alexa for playing my liked songs. If so, she is playing the list from the top with no shuffle. This means the tracks I have added just ago, are being played. I use this all the time and for now I have to grab my phone to use Spotify connect. This makes Spotify for Alexa useless for me And most of the time I switch to TuneIn radio instead of using Spotify. Please change back! If someone wants the shuffle feature, it is easy to say „Alexa, shuffle“ as a second command. I would appreciate it if this change can be done as soon as possible. In Germany, Echo Auto just arrived and this makes it worser to have this limitation.

Thank you!

Couldn't agree more. It's very annoying to find any playlist is shuffled when using the Alexa voice command to play. Not only that, but over the past 3-4 days I'm getting the same songs replayed more than once while many others haven't been played at all! Where is the sense in this? It's extremely irritating.
I jumped ship to Apple Music two years ago because of these and other voice command issues and have now returned to a Premium account and am extremely disappointed that stuff like this is still present in the system. I have no idea whether this your responsibility to fix or whether it's an Amazon issue but I wish someone would look into this, otherwise I can see me returning to a free account.

As someone else has already said, what is wrong with implementing a "shuffle off/on" command.

Still the same issue... any update on this?

it is extremely annoying and After this time without any news, I am thinking about giving Apple Music a try!

Hey there @Christagram ,


Thank you for your reply.


We're always testing things by adding or removing features to make Spotify better overall. We’re sorry that this means you’re not able to use the feature as you'd like at the moment.


It’s well worth adding it to our ideas board. Others can then vote on it or add to the conversation to show their support. 


Be sure to keep an eye on the idea’s status on the Community. Once it gets 100 votes, it’s reviewed and passed onto the relevant team here at Spotify to potentially implement.


Keep us posted. We're always one reply away.



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There goes Spotify again pretending this isn't a problem that has been brought to their attention in 2018! 

Fix it already, what the heck is is so hard about NOT auto shuffling a playlist. I PAY for this,  don't you think I should be able to listen to my music the way I want to? 

Hey @Timaelly,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


As much as we'd like functionality like this to be implemented fast, it's not always possible. Especially when it involves another partner service or platform such as the Amazon family of smart devices.


Creating and voting on Ideas is the best way to let the developers know what is important to you. 


Hope this makes sense. Don't hesitate to reach out again if you have questions.

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Hey Alex


Since this annoys me like crazy, reading your post is like a slap in the face. I am a software engineer and I can say implementing such thing is not even a day of work even if we count in code review and CI runs. Besides that not shuffling playlist was the default state. This is really a thing that needs to change. Shuffling playlist happens not only when starting playback via Alexa it also happens on android and iOS. I know Alex you are first level support and most likely at least 3 levels away from having contact to the dev team but seriously this is a major flaw and absolutely not acceptable for paying customers. This is also not a feature request that needs a 100 upvotes this is a bug and should be treated as such. If your dev team needs help to "unshuffle" playback feel free to reach out to me 😉

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